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Discover how you can benefit from the HQA Program
Portugal offers a range of benefits, from EU citizenship to tax incentives and a high-quality lifestyle
The HQA Residence Program is in sync with Portugal's talent attraction objectives.

Unlike the Golden Visa program, which underwent changes and closures related to real estate investments, our program offers a viable alternative that aligns with the country's talent acquisition strategies.
The HQA Residence Program offers a lower cost structure compared to traditional investment programs.

With a client contribution of EUR 175,000, you can secure your participation in the program.

We believe in making investment migration more accessible for top talent.
We prioritize efficiency and exclusivity in our approval process.

With the HQA Residence Program, you can experience a smooth and swift application process.

Once approved, you can proceed with the program promptly, eliminating unnecessary delays and allowing you to make the most of your investment.
Participation in the HQA Residence Program creates a genuine link that may prove vital for your citizenship application at the 5-year mark, particularly in the event of legislative changes.

We understand the importance of a secure and stable pathway to citizenship, and our program provides the necessary foundation for future applications.
Distinct features of the HQA Residence Program
Unlike other investment programs, the HQA Residence Program relieves you of the burden of real estate management costs and associated market risks.

We offer an investment solution that is independent of property investments, allowing you to focus on your residency goals without the complexities and uncertainties of the real estate market.
Faster and exclusive approval process
alignment with Portugal's talent attraction goals
No real estate management costs or market risks
Genuine link for citizenship application
Lower overall cost than many other programs
The HQA Residence Program presents a significant opportunity
EU Residency, path to EU
citizenship, and visa-free travel
Tax incentives and business-friendly environment
Investment opportunities and impact on societY
Dual citizenship and multicultural identity
Livability, climate, health & wellness
Benefits at a glance
EU membership grants freedom to live, work, and travel in the EU.
Portuguese citizens enjoy visa-free travel to over 190 countries.
Visa-free access to popular destinations like the USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan.
Stunning coastline and natural beauty to explore.
Your investment supports the economy and creates jobs.
Mild Mediterranean climate with comfortable year-round weather.
Flat tax rate for non-habitual residents (NHR Tax Regime).
Boosts higher education institutions for future growth.
Incentives for investments in specific areas.
Business-friendly environment with a well-developed banking system.
Positive impact on Portuguese society overall.
Perfect for a healthy and active lifestyle for long-term well-being.
Portuguese citizenship law explicitly allows for dual citizenship.
Embrace a diverse and multicultural identity.
Join a country with a welcoming history.
Real estate options: urban & rural
Diverse real estate options to suit different preferences.
Modern apartments in cities and traditional villas in the countryside.
Many opportunities for redeveloping old-world charm.